Mamita´s Beach Club opened its doors in the year 2000, when Playa Del Carmen was still a small town and its development was just starting.
There were very few beach clubs at that time and a lot of guests of the hotels in Playa Del Carmen started to use Mamita´s Beach Club services and enjoyed the comfort that was offered.
In the beginning, there was only one restaurant and one bar. The club only had 20 deck chairs, 10 beach umbrellas and work team of 9 individuals, amongst whom various members of the Marzuca family (owners of the property).
After 14 years in business and a continuous learning, it now counts with more than 80 staff members. It has evolved from a family business to a bigger enterprise, and keeps growing. In 2002 events like Fashion TV and the Jazz Festival were held and helped promote the touristic destination through TV diffusion: E-entertainment, Fashion TV, Telehit & Televisa.
Mamita´s Beach Club has evolved since the first day of its foundation, being a company dedicated to growing and always bringing good service to its guests.
It has lived and survived hard times; in 2005 it lost 80% of its infrastructure due to Hurricane Wilma. It rose better than ever after the installations where devastated, with the help and great support of all the team and great effort of the management.
Constantly looking to improve the quality of its services with continuous learning it reaches world-class leadership. In addition to its restructuring and expansion Mamita´s Beach Club satisfies current needs of the touristic market, being positioned as the most important and recognized beach club in Mexico.
Always at the vanguard, Mamita´s Beach Club is currently working on an ambitious project to offer exclusiveness and comfort to its guests.